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Bow Tie - The Tactical Choice

At Hugh Simms it is our goal to carry on the tradition of bow ties made for the tough men of today reflected from those of the past. Here's one of those men.

Yes a bow tie is a tactical choice said Harry Bennett (former boxer ex-Navy Sailor and Henry Ford's right hand man and head of his Internal Security for Ford Motors).

A reporter once asked Harry why he always chooses to wear a bow tie instead of a necktie. For Harry the choice was tactical. He explained that in a fight someone can pull you down by the necktie and with a bow tie it eliminates that advantage. Now if someone has a necktie on and not a bow tie now I have the advantage over him.

Who would have thought that the bow tie would be a tactical choice and not just a personal style choice. Now we know.

Here is an original 1941 associated press photo of Harry Bennett from my personal collection of brand inspiration antiques.

Style Tip Tuesday #54 - The Manly Silk - Dupioni

Dupioni Silk the Manly Silk is a plain weave crip type of silk produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more cocoons in the weft. This gives an irregular pattern with slight imperfections.

After all rugged gentleman are just that perfectly imperfect full of interest and layers nicks in silk like scars from a fight. Rarely used because no two ties will look the same but at Hugh Simms that's exactly our game. Time to man up gents chics dig scars.

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dupioni silk pink bow tiedupioni silk bow tie red


The 3-Step Corn Cob Break-In Process

  1. Take the first few bowls just further than bad.When you get to the bottom of the bowl it will start to taste bad. This is because the wood from the shank inside the cob will start to burn. Take a few extra puffs at this point to help char the wood.
  2. Let the tobacco smolder until it’s burnt out.Don’t clean your cob immediately. Sit it down to burn out. After the first couple of bowls you can use the reamer on your pipe tool to start knocking off that charred wood. Around half dozen bowls should do it, for a good break in.
  3. Leave the natural pipe mud alone. This process will cause a natural buildup of ash and moisture at the base of your pipe bowl. Leave it alone! This will create a natural fill at the base of the bowl so you don’t burn out your cob.

Our pipes are a joint venture with Missourri Meerschaum to create truly unique pipes. These helpful tips they have shared with us are the perfect guide to breaking in your cob pipe. 

corn cob pipe




STYLE TIP TUESDAY: Diamond Point Bow Tie

BOW TIE SHAPE - Diamond Point

FAMOUS OWNERS -  Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Crag as James Bond

THE LOOK - The shape is very close to the traditional butterfly that we all know it's not a massive shape diffrence like the Jumbo Butterfly. It is never in or out of style and that's why I love it. It's these slight details that make a man the asymmetric shape says i'm a modern man not a trendy one not fashion forward i just have impecibale taste. The Astron Martin of bow tie shapes. 

WHY DO I NEED ONE? - It's the same size as a traditional bow tie so it's not a big jump in what you are doing now with the traditional butterfly shape. It's just an ever so slight modern tweak. Similar to our gun metal tie clip hiding in the shadows. The diamond point actually looks very interesting as well when the night winds down and you untie the bow tie one of my favorite looks by the way.

diamond point bow tie shape



Bow Tie Styles and Types



There are a total of 6 main bow tie styles to choose from each one with a unique look. The butterfly bow tie is the most popular and the one we use the most because of its versatility. Another favorite of ours is the diamond point bow tie that is a great way to add some edge to the tradition. How about bringing back the outlaw style with ribbon tie if your up to it. 

Style Tip: Perfect Skinny Knot
Some say that carriage riders tied their reins with a four-in-hand knot while others say that members of the Four-in-Hand Club in London began to wear the neckwear making it fashionable. I believe both were invovled in this conception.

It's a simple knot requires less fabric then larger knots like a full-windsor making it less bulky and proportionate to it's 2.5" width. There are 85 various knots I've tied and worn them all and yes there are some cool options but this is always my go to. Good news it's also the easiest to tie

Don't pull the knot too tight this is a common flaw I see all the time.  When you have a fine piece of neckwear you don't want the fabric constricted you want it to be nice and snug so the knot isn't pulling the fabric. The middle dimple is not for skinny ties leave that for the wide ties the reason for the dimple is to minimize the large fabric of the wide tie.