STYLE TIP TUESDAY: Diamond Point Bow Tie

STYLE TIP TUESDAY: Diamond Point Bow Tie

BOW TIE SHAPE - Diamond Point

FAMOUS OWNERS -  Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Crag as James Bond

THE LOOK - The shape is very close to the traditional butterfly that we all know it's not a massive shape diffrence like the Jumbo Butterfly. It is never in or out of style and that's why I love it. It's these slight details that make a man the asymmetric shape says i'm a modern man not a trendy one not fashion forward i just have impecibale taste. The Astron Martin of bow tie shapes. 

WHY DO I NEED ONE? - It's the same size as a traditional bow tie so it's not a big jump in what you are doing now with the traditional butterfly shape. It's just an ever so slight modern tweak. Similar to our gun metal tie clip hiding in the shadows. The diamond point actually looks very interesting as well when the night winds down and you untie the bow tie one of my favorite looks by the way.

diamond point bow tie shape



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