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Bow Tie - The Tactical Choice

At Hugh Simms it is our goal to carry on the tradition of bow ties made for the tough men of today reflected from those of the past. Here's one of those men.

Yes a bow tie is a tactical choice said Harry Bennett (former boxer ex-Navy Sailor and Henry Ford's right hand man and head of his Internal Security for Ford Motors).

A reporter once asked Harry why he always chooses to wear a bow tie instead of a necktie. For Harry the choice was tactical. He explained that in a fight someone can pull you down by the necktie and with a bow tie it eliminates that advantage. Now if someone has a necktie on and not a bow tie now I have the advantage over him.

Who would have thought that the bow tie would be a tactical choice and not just a personal style choice. Now we know.

Here is an original 1941 associated press photo of Harry Bennett from my personal collection of brand inspiration antiques.

Here's 5 reasons why Paul Walker Inspired me

1. He always looked in place and a stud both dressed up and and dressed down equally.

2. An adventurer who chose to hide outside the spotlight to give others credit in Great White Expedition Show.

3. After the shooting of Fast and Furious Paul went on to study driving and did one of the directors best shots himself.

4. A local California kid regardless of how busy or caught up in celebrity status and events never stopped surfing.

5. Loved the characters he played whether it was a sea treasure hunter, cop/outlaw, or in the Ivy Secret Societies.