Our Modern Ribbon Tie

Jesse James in 1865  /  Hugh Simms Brand 2015  

Why a ribbon tie? I'm always looking to create fashion far beyond the trends while remaining in the scope of the rugged sophistication of the brand. For some reason men's ribbon ties never cycle in and that's odd because outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid looked bold and on point in theres.

Why haven't fashionistas been wearing? The only ones available on the market are dirt cheap poorly made fake silk clip ons that look more suitable for a Colonel Sanders Halloween costume.

What is unique about the Hugh Simms Ribbon Ties? Made of muted denim, rough linen real anaconda skin as a knot and our brass skull rivet. We also did an innovative one size fit all pretied knot that makes wearing it a simple clip but the bow appears to be self-tied.

Can I pull it off? If you need this question answered then the answer is simple "no".

"Outlaws never go out of style they just hideout sometimes." - Hugh Simms

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